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Driftless Extracts is a hemp producer and processor in Lone Rock, WI. Our operation is an agricultural pioneer in Wisconsin hemp production and is in a unique position as a grower, researcher, processor, and supplier. We work with a grower network of farmers in the Driftless and Central Sands growth zones in Wisconsin to produce genetically specialized hemp for use in personal and industrial products.

Our carefully crafted team of farmers, engineers, and soil experts has a diverse set of skills with a history of success. From agronomy to project delivery, our hemp production crew is leveraging more than 60 years of cultivation experience to provide the highest quality products direct to the food, fiber, and CBD oil markets.

From our river bottom headquarters just outside Lone Rock in the Wisconsin River Valley, we are proud to be part of the emerging hemp production market in Wisconsin and excited to help shape the landscape for farming techniques for our geography.



Our vision is revitalizing ag with hemp as a centerpiece to a renewable future. To achieve this, we are creating the opportunity for a crop growing alternative for our local agricultural partners by offering hemp processing and growing services. Our projection is that in the near future, our center will have the ability to process up to 2.5 million pounds of hemp grown by our growing partners.



Offering smokable flower, winterized crude, distillate and isolate.



Driftless Extracts offers a wide variety of consulting services including agronomy consulting and processing.



Biomass drying, grinding, bulk storage & extraction.


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