CBD Gummies

CBD gummy candy gumdrops and oil on a white marble surface

CBD Gummies

Our flavored gummies are the most popular option for administering CBD orally. Our Gummies can be formulated with CBD isolate, broad spectrum extract, full spectrum extract, legal intoxicating cannabinoids, and virtually any other minor cannabinoids. With the addition of vitamins, minerals,melatonin, caffeine, or immune support, each gummy concept is formulated to be both delicious and have additional, efficacious benefits.
Driftless’ current white label offerings include:

  • 25mg CBD Infused Fruit Punch Flavor
  • 25mg CBD + 5mg Melatonin Infused Tropical Punch Flavor
  • 5mg Delta-9 Pineapple and Watermelon Gummies


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